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Membership & Benefits

There are three levels of membership of IA-E:

  • Fellow Members (Term 5 years)
  • Senior Members (Term 3 years)
  • Associated Faculty Members (Term 2 year)
  • Student mambers (Term 1 Year) 

The following are the benefits of IA-E Membership:

  • IA-E will announce the awards of "DISTINGUISH FELLOW OF 2016""BEST SENIOR RESEARCHER OF 2016" and "BEST ACHIEVER OF 2016" at the end of 2016. These awards will be decided based on the contribution of the person towards IA-E and selection will be made only from the Fellow Members/Senior Members/Members lists.   
  • Discount on Registration Fee 25% for all Fellow members;  Discount on Registration Fee 20% for Senior Members and Discount on Registration Fee 10% for Members at all International conferences organized by Associated Networks of IA-E.
  • Chances to chair or conduct session and act a Keynote Speaker at any of International conferences organized by Associated Networks of IA-E
  • All the Members can avail the Membership Certificate, after the 2-3 months of membership approval.