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International Conference on Advances in Science, Engineering, Technology and Natural Resources (ICASETNR-16) Nov. 24-25, 2016 Parys, South Africa Back


Editors :-

Prof. Dr. Frans Wanders
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elvis Fosso-Kankeu



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1An Experiential Perspective of Leachate Seepage through Defected Geomembrane of Geo-composite Barrier
Emmanuel Emem-Obong Agbenyeku, Edison Muzenda and Innocent Mandla Msibi
2Environmental Contamination Threat from the Deposition of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW)
Emmanuel Emem-Obong Agbenyeku, Edison Muzenda and Innocent Mandla Msibi
3Determination of Water Evaporation Rate in an Assembled Bench Scale MED and Impact of Anti-Scaling Agents on the Morphology of Scale
Fosso-Kankeu E, Redelinghuys J, Waanders F, Rogers D, Bruinsma D and Gericke G
4Enhanced Adsorption Capacity of Sweet Sorghum Derived Biochar towards Malachite Green Dye Using Bentonite Clay
Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, Frans B. Waanders, and Jalize Potgieter
5Waste Management Challenges to Opportunities in the West Rand District Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa: Initiatives
Bongekile Ginindza and Edison Muzenda
6Evaluation of A TGA Method to Predict the Ignition Temperature and Spontaneous Combustion Propensity of Coals of Different Rank
Marna van Graan and J.R. Bunt
7Hazardous Waste Management in the West Rand District Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa: A Review
Bongekile Ginindza and Edison Muzenda
8Effect of Oxidants on the Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue and Congo Red under Sunlight
E. Fosso-Kankeu, Frans Waanders and L. Taljaard
9Assessment of Seasonal Variation in Surface Water Quality of the Mooi and Vaal Rivers Network, South Africa
Alusani Manyatshe, Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, Divan van der Berg, Nico Lemmer, Frans Waanders and Tutu Hlanganani
10Impact of Substrate Composition in Biomethane Production under Thermophilic Conditions
E.J. Bambokela, A. N. Matheri, M. Belaid, E. E. Agbenyeku and E. Muzenda
11Effects of Organic Acids on Heavy Metals Released From Mine Tailings
Ashley H. Munyai, Elvis Fosso-Kankeu and Frans Waanders
12The Antifungal Activities of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Decorated with Silver, Copper and Zinc Oxide Particles
Fosso-Kankeu E., De Klerk C.M., Botha T.A., Waanders F., Phoku J., Pandey S
13Predicting Organic Waste Performance in Soil Treatment from X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
E.J. Bambokela, E. E. Agbenyeku, and E. Muzenda
14Synthesis and Characterization of Superabsorbent Hydrogels Based on Natural Polymers: Kappa Carrageenan
Charity Mampho, Sadanand Pandey, James Ramontja, Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, Frans Waanders
15Treatment of Raw and Processed Waters from Coal Power Plant Using PACl Supplemented with Cationic Organic Polymer and Bentonite
Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, Frans Waanders, Divan van Niekerk, David Rogers, Gerhard Gericke
16Performance Evaluation of a Biogas Fuelled Bi-Fuel Vehicle
Temitope Oladayo Kukoyi, Edison Muzenda and Charles Mbohwa
17Antifungal Activities of Chitosan and Nanoparticle Derivatives under Various pH Conditions
Corli de Klerk, Elvis Fosso-Kankeu and Frans Waanders
18Investigation of the Oxidation Rate of Sediments from AMD Using Humidity Cell Test
Elvis Fosso-Kankeu
19Physico-Chemical Treatment Influenced by Bacterial Membrane and Impact on Dye Adsorption Capacity
Lwandle P. Simelane, Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, Frans Waanders, Patrick Njobeh and Sadanand Pandey
20Investigation of Ecological Impacts of Agricultural Activities in Tshitavhadudlu wetland, Limpopo Province
Golele F, Gitari WM, Gumbo JR
21Synthesis and Application of Hydrogel-Silica Composite for the Removal of Lead from Aqueous Solution
Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, Frans B. Waanders, Inecke M. Grobler and Nico Lemmer
22Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticle and Application in the Photodegradation of Organic Pollutants in Effluents from Coal Power Station
Nthambeleni Mukwevho, Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, Frans Waanders, Gerhard Gericke, John Bunt
23Screening of Fungal (Cunnighamella Bertholletiae) Pathogenic Activity on Microbial Community in Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz)-Cultivated Soil
E. F. Itoba-Tombo, S. K. O. Ntwampe, A. Waxa, A. Paulse, and E. A. Akinpelu
24Impact of the Physico-Chemical Properties of Water on the Flocculation Performance of Lime, Clay and other Polymers
E. Fosso-Kankeu, F.B. Waanders, R. Swiegers, I.O. Ntwampe, D. Rogers, G. Gericke
25Metal Analysis, Phytochemical and Antibacterial Investigation of Crinum Macowanii Bulb
Tendani Edith Sebola, Derek Tantoh Ndinteh, Nicolette Niemann, Vuyo Mavumengwana
26Effect of Co-Hydro Processing of Lignocellulosic Biomass on Liquid Product Yield and Distribution
Zandré Broodryk, Roelf Venter, and Sanette Marx
27Effects of Cooking and Drying on the Total Phenolic, Total Flavonoid Content, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Cleome gynandra (Spider Plant)
Moyo S. M, Kayitesi E, Mavumengwana V and Madala N. E.
28Antibacterial Activity of a Synthesized Chitosan-Silver Composite with Different Molecular Weights Chitosan against Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria
Fosso-Kankeu E, De Klerk C.M, van Aarde C, Waanders F, Phoku J, Pandey s
29Phytochemical Screening, GCxGC TOF-MS Analysis and Antibacterial Properties of Crude Rhoicissus Ttomentosa Rhizome Extract
Nkemdinma Uche-Okereafor, Derek Ndinteh, Nicolette Niemann, Vuyo Mavumengwana
30Phytochemical Synthesis and Characterization of Bioactive Gold Nanoparticles using Hypaphorine and their Cytotoxic Activity against HCT 116 Human Colorectal Cancer Cells
Terrence S. Malatjie., Derek T. Ndinteh., Vuyo Muvumengwana
31Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Nanoparticles Using Sigmoidin B Flavonoid for Biological Applications
L. Nemandava, D.T. Ndinteh and V. Mavumengwana
32Characterisation of Laccase Modified Mukwa (Pterocarpus Angolensis) Wood Flour
K. Setswalo, M. Namoshe, O.P. Oladijo , G.S Nyanhongo and G. Rabalone
33Effect of Inlet Velocity Profile in Simulation of Flow Development; Wind Tunnel Contraction
A. T. Teseletso, M. Namoshe, N. Subaschandar
34Mineralogical Profile of Geophagic Clayey Soils Sold in Selected South African Informal Markets
Okereafor G. Uchenna, Mavumengwana Vuyo and Mulaba-Bafubiandi F. Antoine
35Intra Organisational Information Retrieval System for an Agricultural Research Institute in South Africa
Ivy Dibakoane and Johnson O. Dehinbo
36The Effect of Long-Term Sludge Applications on Soil Metal Characteristics and Pollution Risks
Bülent Topcuoğlu
37Development and Evaluation of a Novel Sulphur Analysis Method
Joseph Lewis, Gideon van Rensburg, Roelf J. Venter, and Sanette Marx
38Continuous Catalytic Hydrotreatment of Cottonseed Oil in the Production of Renewable Diesel
J. von Wielligh, C.J Schabort, R. Venter and S. Marx
39In Situ Biodiesel Production by non-Catalytic Supercritical Reactive Extraction of Low Grade Sunflower Seeds
L.W. Fick, R.J. Venter, S Marx and C.J. Schabort
40Thermodynamic Modelling of the Gasification Process of Waste Tyres as A Feed Source into a Plasma arc Furnace Reactor
Drieke van der Merwea, Abraham F. van der Merwea, Izak J. van der Waltb, Hein W.J.P. Neomagusa and John R. Bunta
41Validation and Improvement of Heat and Mass Transfer Model in Predicting the Coffee Roasting Profile
Ntsitlola F. Bopape, Abraham F. van der Merwe, Johandri Vosloo, RG Ross
42Optimizing a Plasma Burner by Implementing Additive Manufacturing in the Spinner Design
Leandri Kriek, Izak J. van der Walt, Albertus J. Viljoen and Abraham F. van der Merwe
43CFD Modelling of the Temperature Profile in a Plasma-arc Furnace Reactor Quench Probe
Tobie D. Loftus, Joani van Rooyen, Abraham F. van der Merwe and Izak J. van der Walt
44Effects of a Combustion Enhancer Fuel Additive on Diesel and Biodiesel Standards
A.E. Baumgarten, S. Marx, J.P van Ravenswaay
45Synthesis of Ti-based Hydrotreating Catalyst from Demilitarized TiCl4
J.G. Booysen, S. Marx, and R. Venter
46Biocatalytic Production of Biodiesel from Spent Coffee Grounds
Wian Swanepoel, Sanjib Kumar Karmee, Sanette Marx
47Lipase Catalyzed Preparation of Biodiesel from a Lollipop Effluent Stream
Jorika Theart, Sanjib Kumar Karmee, Sanette Marx
48Determining Granule Movement and Attrition Breakage in a Fluidised Bed with Different Perforated Plate Designs
Larochelle Botha and Abraham F. van der Merwe
49The Effect of Different Types of Wash Water on Solar Panel Efficiency
JC van der Linde, and CJ Schabort
50The Effect of Particle Size on the Quality and Yield of Batch and Continuous Hydrothermal Liquefaction Products
Jacobus P.D. Jansen, Sanette Marx, Roelf Venter and Anro Barnard
51Inactivation of Escherichia Coli, Salmonella Enterica and Naturally Occurring Microorganisms in Edible Geophagic Clay under Real Sunlight
Thembuluwo Lorna Netshitanini, Eunice Ubomba-Jaswa, King Abia, Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, and Frans Waanders
52A Survey of Packet Collision Minimization Algorithms in Wireless Mesh Networks
Tshimangadzo M. Tshilongamulenzhe, Topside E. Mathonsi and Prof Maredi I. Mphahlele
53Assessment of the Growth Performance and Length-Weight Relationship of Tade Mullet, Liza Tade (Forsskail, 1775) in Brackish Water Gher-Farming System
Md. Shamim Parvez and M. Aminur Rahman
54Production of mola fish (Amblypharyngodon mola) at different stocking densities of freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium Rosenbergii) in rice fields
M. Aminur Rahman and Md. Shamim Parvez